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Blue Gum Joinery

Blue Gum Joinery is a manufacturer specialising in commercial and acoustic joinery. We have been operating for 15 years and currently have 5 employees.

In 2014 we decided that we needed to speed up the set-out time for our custom designed. We were already using a popular CAD/CAM software program but it was proving too time consuming.

TopSolid'Wood is a true 3D software solution and this has great benefits for both the set-out and production environments. It gives Blue Gum the ability to create and modify our own construction methods, which is important when designing custom pieces.

A feature that is a beneficial to our business is Kinematics. This functionality allows us to model moving parts which is useful from a production viewpoint but also allows clients to see how parts will interact with each other prior to manufacture.

The parametrics in TopSolid'Wood are really good and very quick. And you can drag and drop hardware from various suppliers into Topsolid'Wood very easily.

My interactions with the team at Integrated Joinery Solutions have been positive. And the support is certainly a big step up from what we had been receiving with our previous solution.