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Setout Services

Integrated Joinery Solutions Setout Service is designed to assist with project overflow and staff shortages




  • Working all hours of the day trying to meet deadlines?
  • Want to say yes to that extra project but only need an extra set of hands temporarily?
  • Have deadlines to meet, but staff are on leave?
  • Business not quite ready to employ a full time setout operator?
  • Not ready to invest in software but need expert shop drawings?

Our Setout Service may be the solution for you. The Setout Service has been established to provide our clients with access to trained operators for periods of work overflow or staff shortages. The service is designed to help you maintain your workflow and say YES to extra projects.

Setout Service Advantages

  • It is 100% productive labour
  • It provides you with access to trained setout operators during peak times, complete with own PC and software
  • No salary to pay in downtimes
  • No need for extra investment in training, software or hardware
  • Benefit from our diverse experience gained over placements with many different companies
  • Competitive hourly rates
  • On-site or off-site

What can I expect from the Setout Operator?  

The services provided can include:

  • sign off and/or workshop drawings
  • provision of rendered images
  • generation of cutting lists
  • generation of GCode for direct processing to CNC machine

 More Information

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